Apex Legends「筋トレ配信の筋肉痛が今日きた話」

Apex Legends「筋トレ配信の筋肉痛が今日きた話」



★Dead by Daylight
★Over watch



あひゃほ( ^∀^)

Hello, my name is harukonpunch
I am Japanese and I can’t speak English or other language
Thank you for coming to my stream

I also use twitter

I play a lot of games
★Dead by Daylight(DBD)
★Over Watch

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◎Please do not use inappropriate language, vulgar and sensitive words, sexual harassment, and no backseating in the comment section
◎Other inappropriate comments will be dealt by the moderators or by harukonpunch herself. It will be a warning or block depending on the violation.

I’m always encouraged by everyone’s comments, thank you very much!